What is Internet Sourcing?

Sourcing in the context of recruitment and staffing refers to the identification and discovery of talented people through proactive recruiting techniques.

Sourcing for candidates can be performed by a recruiter (either an in-house corporate recruiter or a third party agency recruiter) or a dedicated sourcer.

Candidate sourcing doesn’t necessarily end once the name, job title, job function and contact information for a potential candidate has been identified. Some sourcers further develop a list of names by reaching out to the people on the list to initiate a dialogue with them. They might pre-screen someone against the job requirements or simply gauging their level of interest in hearing about new job opportunities in their field or at a particular company.

The internet is just one tool for sourcing candidates. Some sourcers specialise in telephone sourcing or real word networking. I don’t think anyone would argue that a combination of the three disciplines is very powerful.

About UK Sourcers

UK Sourcers is a community run by Katharine Robinson (aka TheSourceress). It is a resource for UK recruitment professionals to learn more about Internet sourcing techniques.

It has existed in one form or another since November 2009.

We aim to talk about everything that might help you track down talented candidates online from Job Boards, Search Engines and Social Media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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