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Ralph has Over 8 years sourcing experience attained from both an agency and an in-house recruitment background. Having studied Marketing, Ralph quickly realized the correlation between marketing and recruitment. Seeking out specific candidates (target market) and approaching them in a bespoke and value added manner is paramount to success of any recruitment strategy. Using this knowledge he is currently a sourcing specialist that specializes in attracting executives and difficult to find skills set in the EMEA region. Colleagues would describe Ralph as “a bonkers sourcer whom is extremely creative and has an ability to spot and identify inroads into any market”

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Do you take sourcing more seriously than your competitors?

I recently went to a conference full of HR and Recruitment Leaders. I felt like I was totally in my element, talking to peers and influencers of our markets and shaking hands with industry heroes etc. During our discussions we inevitably we came to the topic of direct sourcing and began talking about it. All
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The Sourcing Jigsaw

I was having a conversation recently with a colleague and one of the things that really stuck out in my mind is that they said that I probably know more about the organisation than they do. Of course, being bashful, I brushed the comment off and just grinned. However, upon reflection there might be some
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8 Characteristics of Great Talent Sourcers

I was sitting and sipping my coffee one morning, as you do, my diary was clear with no meetings that day. A smile came across my face, “Yes! I can do some serious sourcing”. Then this dawned on me; that this could possibly be the difference between a sourcer and recruiter. So, in my humble
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The Sourcing Function – A Journey

This week we have another guest post from Ralph Meyer for you. As an experienced Sourcer there are a few recurring topics that seem to keep coming up when meeting with senior leaders and stakeholders who are not familiar with the intricacies of the role. Let me take you through a journey of what a
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Letting Recruiters And Sourcers Play To Their Strengths

We have a guest blogger for you today! Ralph Meyer, one of the few sourcers I’ve met that are not expected to “one day grow up and become a real recruiter”, gives us the first in a series of posts from his view at an organisation that sees the value of sourcing as a separate discipline. 
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