UK Sourcers News – 11th March 2013

UK Sourcers NewsUK Sourcing News

Plans continue for a large dedicated sourcing event in the UK later this year. All I can tell you at the moment is that you should keep your diaries clear in September!

UK Sourcers now has a Google+ community – if you hang out over there and would like to share, chat and help other sourcing types, take a look and consider joining.

The UK Sourcers site had been suffering from slowness, down-time and general deadness for a while. Sorry if you have had problems while trying to visit the site. This should now be resolved and the site is working much faster. Thanks for sticking with us 🙂

We’ve had a couple of great guest blog posts on UK Sourcers in the last month. If you’d like to contribute then do get in touch.

The Future of Sourcing

Following John Sullivan’s piece on stating that Sourcing is Dead (again) there has been an outpouring of posts telling us why this is not the case. Here are a few of my favourites:

The Internet

British Internet users have doubled in the last 6 years – could you imagine life without the internet?

Search Tools

How Google search works – A great site directly from Google!

Gulesider – This is a Norwegian People Search tool. Great for finding contact details once you have a name for a potential candidate.


Are LinkedIn going to raise their Recruiter Rates in Q2 2013? A great article from the SourceCon blog about LinkedIn’s recent success and their plans for the future.

Feature a Group on your LinkedIn company page – did you know that you can do this? Find out how in this useful post from The Social Media Hat.

The New Jobseeker Experience on LinkedIn – LinkedIn has updated its Job interface for job seekers. Find out what’s changed so you can help more people discover your jobs.

Social Recruiting

How large corporations recruit on Twitter – The Smart Recruiters blog looks at how some of the world’s biggest brands use Twitter for recruitment.

Sourcing Candidates on Google+ doesn’t have to be hard work – Google’s Social Network is not only full of rich information about people, all that information is relatively fresh. Google+ has only existed since the middle of 2011 so the information can only be 18 months old at the most. LinkedIn has been around for nearly a decade!

Top 10 secret BufferApp features – if you’re looking for ways to make managing your presence across social media easier then you should check out BufferApp. It can do these ten things and more.

Is JobGram the next big thing in Social Recruiting? Visual media is really hot at the moment, the rise of networks like Instagram and Pinterest have lead the way in making images and videos highly shared and sharable. Check out this post from Andy Headworth about JobGram’s visual job posts.

Sourcing Basics

Who banned the blower? A post from Simon Lewis of Only Marketing Jobs – don’t forget the phone folks!

#5 Critical (And Common) Errors When Writing An Online Job Posting – Good advice from Penelope Labram of Jobisjob here on the UK Sourcers Blog.

7 Ways to ensure your emails get read – useful tips to help you reach candidates via email.

Upcoming Events

Reconverse Events in London throughout 2013 – Reconverse run free events for recruiters. Check out their calendar and go along for some recruitment conversations.

Developing your Digital Strategy for Recruitment in Leeds – Katharine will be speaking at this IOR breakfast event in Leeds on 2nd May 2013.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think I’ve missed something.

Happy Sourcing!

LinkedIn Is Not The Only Fruit

Last week I attended the Social Recruiting Conference (#SRConf) in London. Pete Crosby from Viadeo was one of the speakers.

Viadeo is a professional networking site with around 45 million members, 10 million of which are in Europe. While this isn’t as many as LinkedIn – Viadeo has significant penetration in France.

Viadeo at srconf

If you are looking to identify talent on the continent, it could well be time to check out viadeo.

At #SRConf we heard from EADS, a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services, employing around 133,000 people at more than 170 sites worldwide. They have had significant success using Viadeo. They launched a group there which grew to over 700 members in less than one week.

Viadeo have recently launched their company pages too.

While this video focuses on small business, at the conference, Pete Crosby identified American Express as one of the first businesses to make the most of the new feature. You should also take a look at Viadeo’s own page.

If you are wondering if the kind of people you wish to hire in the UK are using Viadeo, why not try an x-ray search from Google by adding a job title or a company keyword to this search string:


Google estimates that this string returns 300,000 viadeo profiles on the gb subdomain, which might not sound like a lot, but it might include someone that you wouldn’t otherwise have found.

Do connect with me on viadeo if you are already a member or if you decide to join.

You might also want to look at Xing. Xing has over 12 million members and great coverage in Germany. Here’s my profile.

A Day In The Life Of The Internet

A week might be a long time in politics, but a day is even longer in online recruitment.

Perhaps you ran a search yesterday and didn’t find a suitable candidate on a job board, or no one was tweeting/blogging about the software your client needs expertise in.

A lot has happened on the Internet since then.

In just one day we write enough blog posts to fill Time magazine for the next 770 years! 98 years worth of videos are uploaded to YouTube – you’ll never manage to watch all the cat videos.

When you search the web today, it’s very different than the place you searched yesterday…

A Day In The Internet - From Mashable

Infographic via Mashable.