UK Sourcers News – 11th March 2013

UK Sourcers NewsUK Sourcing News

Plans continue for a large dedicated sourcing event in the UK later this year. All I can tell you at the moment is that you should keep your diaries clear in September!

UK Sourcers now has a Google+ community – if you hang out over there and would like to share, chat and help other sourcing types, take a look and consider joining.

The UK Sourcers site had been suffering from slowness, down-time and general deadness for a while. Sorry if you have had problems while trying to visit the site. This should now be resolved and the site is working much faster. Thanks for sticking with us 🙂

We’ve had a couple of great guest blog posts on UK Sourcers in the last month. If you’d like to contribute then do get in touch.

The Future of Sourcing

Following John Sullivan’s piece on stating that Sourcing is Dead (again) there has been an outpouring of posts telling us why this is not the case. Here are a few of my favourites:

The Internet

British Internet users have doubled in the last 6 years – could you imagine life without the internet?

Search Tools

How Google search works – A great site directly from Google!

Gulesider – This is a Norwegian People Search tool. Great for finding contact details once you have a name for a potential candidate.


Are LinkedIn going to raise their Recruiter Rates in Q2 2013? A great article from the SourceCon blog about LinkedIn’s recent success and their plans for the future.

Feature a Group on your LinkedIn company page – did you know that you can do this? Find out how in this useful post from The Social Media Hat.

The New Jobseeker Experience on LinkedIn – LinkedIn has updated its Job interface for job seekers. Find out what’s changed so you can help more people discover your jobs.

Social Recruiting

How large corporations recruit on Twitter – The Smart Recruiters blog looks at how some of the world’s biggest brands use Twitter for recruitment.

Sourcing Candidates on Google+ doesn’t have to be hard work – Google’s Social Network is not only full of rich information about people, all that information is relatively fresh. Google+ has only existed since the middle of 2011 so the information can only be 18 months old at the most. LinkedIn has been around for nearly a decade!

Top 10 secret BufferApp features – if you’re looking for ways to make managing your presence across social media easier then you should check out BufferApp. It can do these ten things and more.

Is JobGram the next big thing in Social Recruiting? Visual media is really hot at the moment, the rise of networks like Instagram and Pinterest have lead the way in making images and videos highly shared and sharable. Check out this post from Andy Headworth about JobGram’s visual job posts.

Sourcing Basics

Who banned the blower? A post from Simon Lewis of Only Marketing Jobs – don’t forget the phone folks!

#5 Critical (And Common) Errors When Writing An Online Job Posting – Good advice from Penelope Labram of Jobisjob here on the UK Sourcers Blog.

7 Ways to ensure your emails get read – useful tips to help you reach candidates via email.

Upcoming Events

Reconverse Events in London throughout 2013 – Reconverse run free events for recruiters. Check out their calendar and go along for some recruitment conversations.

Developing your Digital Strategy for Recruitment in Leeds – Katharine will be speaking at this IOR breakfast event in Leeds on 2nd May 2013.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think I’ve missed something.

Happy Sourcing!

UK Sourcers News – 11th February 2013

Sourcing & Recruitment Events

A large, dedicated Sourcing event in London?
Last week we asked if there was demand for an event like this. At the moment there is not a geeky sourcing event coming up in the UK for us to look forward to. Let us know if you think it’s a good idea, if you’d like to speak (or lead a discussion) at the event or if your business would be interested in sponsoring such an event.

Recruitment Agency Expo
The Recruitment Agency Expo is taking place at Olympia in London on 26th & 27th February.

#TruLondon 7
#TruLondon returns the City Hotel on 6th & 7th March. Come along to be a part of the conversation.

Social Media

Where LinkedIn Members Live - Feb 2013LinkedIn
LinkedIn totally shattered their financial predictions. Recruitment accounted for 54% of its income last year. It was reported on the SourceCon blog that LinkedIn intends to raise its process for recruitment customers in the US and “some other areas” in the second quarter of 2013. Having announced 200 million members not long ago and engagement levels on the site rising exponentially, LinkedIn look like a formidable force.

Vine is the hot new thing from Twitter. If you have an iPhone then you can share a tiny six second video clip with Vine. Some brands have already been getting in on the action and creating some Vine videos. I saw quite a lot of updates on Vine from SourceCon in Atlanta last week too. Do you think you could make a Vine job ad or recruitment video?

Twitter Search
Now when you search for a keyword of interest on Twitter you will see results from further back than just seven days! Last week twitter extended their search results to include the most popular updates for your keywords tweeted at any time in the past – try searching for something obscure and see the results! Great for us Sourcers that are looking for rare skills.

Job boards

6 fast rising job boards in EMEA
At the end of January, eQuest published a list of job boards showing extraordinary growth in the number of jobs posted on them between 2011 and 2012.

On a lighter note

A street address worthy of a Sourcer – Wouldn’t you just love to live here!

Boole Heights

UK Sourcers News – 21st January 2013

UK Sourcers Meetup at the Amazon Development Centre in London - January 2013

UK Sourcers

We’d like to send a big thank you to the guys at Amazon for hosting our meetup on 11th January.

The surroundings were fantastic and the pizza and beers went down very well after an afternoon of sourcery. Thanks as well to everyone that came along and shared sourcing tips and tricks! You can find a few more pictures on our Facebook page, do feel free to tag yourself if you were there.

It would be remiss of me not to remind you that Amazon are currently looking to hire sourcing talent – remember to mention us if you talk to them.

Our New Year Sourcing Assignments continue in the UK Sourcers LinkedIn group. This week’s assignment, to be posted on Thursday morning, will look at editing and evolving your search strings to get the search results you want.

Facebook Graph Search

By far the biggest news in social recruiting last week was Facebook’s Graph Search. I’ve requested access to the Beta version but so far have not had the opportunity to play with it. I like this Facebook Graph Search write up from Jim Stroud.

Search Engines

At the UK Sourcers Meetup, I highlighted a blog post detailing a Google Search operator called AROUND to attendees. They, like me, had been unaware of it. I had some doubts about whether or not it really worked – I’m hoping that between us we can figure out what AROUND is all about.

Finding Email Addresses

Another big talking point at the UK Sourcers meetup was a trick brought to our attention by Glen Cathey to find just about anyone’s email address using the Raportive Plugin with Gmail. I installed the plugin and tried it our during the meetup and it worked wonderfully.


Also a hot topic at our meetup – Twitter is of often a real point of confusion for Recruiters. If you find you are a bit bemused by Twitter then it’s worth looking at this list of 5 common mistakes made by recruiters, written by @cincyrecruiter.
If you are already rocking Twitter then you might enjoy these posts:
24 Easy Ways to Build a Targeted Twitter Following – From Blogging Wizard
Doubling (Or Even Tripling) Your Retweets In Under 10 Minutes – From Top Dog Social Media


Viadeo is a French professional network, similar to LinkedIn. Last week they announced three news items. The upcoming launch of an innovation lab in San Francisco, the acquisition of French startup Pealk and that it has 50 million members. This is really interesting stuff, especially if you remember what a nice LinkedIn search tool Pealk was…

Well, that is quite a bit of news. If you think I’ve missed anything, do let me know.

UK Sourcers News – 7th January 2013

UK Sourcers News

We have our second UK Sourcers Meetup this week. On Friday, Amazon will be hosting us at their new Development Center in London. We are delighted by the interest in these events and regret that everyone that requested a ticket did not get one – but by keeping the events small, we make sure everyone gets something out of it and has a chance to share.

Our second New Year Sourcing Assignment will be posted in the UK Sourcers LinkedIn Group on Thursday. This week we will be looking at improving the job ads we write with some great tips from Alastair Cartwright of Ingenium.

Toby Culshaw from Thales won our Christmas Sourcing Challenge! Well done Toby – we hope you enjoy your Cadbury’s Chocolate hamper from Sourcing Hat Ltd.

We posted a list of our top content from 2012 – have you missed any of it?


Want to know who has viewed your LinkedIn profile? Here’s an interesting little “hack” from Life Hacker.

Have you clicked on a University name on a LinkedIn profile recently? An interesting feature that you might have missed.

Last week we asked if you are making the best use of links on your LinkedIn profile.

Social Media

We have a fresh Social Network Map of The World for 2013 – Facebook now dominates in 127 out of 137 countries.

World Map of Social Networks - January 2013


10 Ways to Speed up and Beef up your Google Searches – Another useful list from Lifehacker.

Detailed clarification on some of the finer points of Google and Bing search syntax from Boolean Strings

Is there anything I have missed? Do let me know if there’s something you’d like me to share in a future News post.

UK Sourcers News – 17th December 2012

UK Sourcers News

Christmas Sourcing Contest


We posted a Christmas sourcing contest on Friday, as yet no one has managed to answer my call for help. There is a hamper of goodies in it for the winner so if you have not taken a look yet then you should… there might be some clues later today.

UK Sourcers Meetup – Friday 11th January

This is the latest in our series of “hack” style events designed to bring recruiters and sourcers together to help solve each other’s problems and share tips and tricks.

All tickets for the meetup are currently allocated but we’re hoping to release some more later today to people on the Eventbrite Waitlist. If you have a ticket but find that you can’t attend, please let us know ASAP so that we can give the ticket to someone else.

If your company would be interested in hosting a UK Sourcers Meetup then do get in touch with Katharine.

Social Media News

Twitter Profiles

As of 12th December everyone has the new look Twitter profile – have you uploaded a header image?

The New LinkedIn Profiles

The new LinkedIn profiles seem to have rolled out to everyone! This has had some interesting effects if you were using apps to share content on your profile. Here’s the official breakdown of what is gone from LinkedIn. You can now add media links to your LinkedIn profile though, so take a look at that and consider making it easier for people to find out more about you.

You can also edit your LinkedIn profile on the go now via LinkedIn’s mobile apps.

Is there any news I’ve missed? If there’s anything you would like to see included in future Sourcing News posts then do get in touch 🙂

UK Sourcers News – 3rd December 2012

UK Sourcers News

Our next UK Sourcers “Hack” Meetup will be taking place in January 2013 – stay tuned for an announcement later this week! We like to keep these events small to ensure that everyone gets a chance to take part, be heard and gain value. There will be a small number of tickets available so be sure to register as soon as you can. To hear about the event first, be sure to join the UK Sourcers LinkedIn group.

Social Sourcing

As I mentioned in my last news post, LinkedIn’s Events Application was shut down on 26th November – did you notice? I wrote a post giving more information and details of five other tools that you might think about using now that LinkedIn Events is no more.


Amazon is hiring recruiters and sourcers for their new London Development Center. Do get in touch with Becky McCarey if you would be interested in learning more.

UK Sourcers News – 12th November 2012


LinkedIn Event Logo

LinkedIn will scrap their Events App on 26th November. You will no longer be able to show off the events you are attending/speaking at to your LinkedIn network. I think this is a great shame. I will share some alternative tools on the blog later this week.

The new LinkedIn profiles have started to roll out. If you haven’t seen one yet then take a look at this sample: Get a full look under the bonnet of the new LinkedIn profiles on Mr LinkedIn’s blog.

The section listing what you are happy to be contacted about, looking like this on the old style profiles,

LinkedIn Contact Preferences List

seems to be no longer visible. Will this affect the way you approach potential candidates?

Social Media

Instagram now has profile pages for the desktop web. If you use Instagram then be sure to take a look and add a bio to your profile. Just like StarbucksJobs has done:

StarbucksJobs on Instagram

To see your Instagram web profile simply visit

Facebook has always seemed a lot of hard work when it comes to candidate research. Balazs Paroczay totally changed my opinion on this while in #TruLondon’s sourcing lab last month. Take a look at his fantastic Facebook Sourcing Prezi to see what I mean.


Last week I hosted a session with Laura Stoker of AIRS at UK Recruiter’s End of Year Conference. Laura introduced a few tools that might prove useful for sourcing:

  • X-ray and Filetype searches with Google – see my Search Engine Handbook for details
  • – a meta search engine from Switzerland that searches 13 search engines at once.
  • Yatedo – a people search engine that can turn up fresh results
  • Yandex – a growing search engine from Russia

You might also be interested in Lisa Jones’ write up of her session on Technology trends from the UK Recruiter Conference.

After the conference came the culmination of this years’ National Online Recruitment Awards. You can find all the winners listed on the NORAs website..


I would like to host a Christmas get together for the UK Sourcers community – I am looking for a sponsor to pay for some nibbles and few drinks – get in touch if you think your business would benefit from helping us out.

UK Sourcers News – 8th October 2012


The Skills & Expertise section of your LinkedIn profile has undergone a significant change. You can now give easy one click endorsements to your connections. This has not come without controversy. Many people are comparing this feature with +K from Klout. As endorsements from happy clients are given no more weight than completely bogus endorsements from people you might never have met, this is open to gaming and the potential devaluation of connections. In short – it sucks, but you should do it anyway.

TruLondon 6

TruLondon has become one of the most looked forward to events on the calendar in recent years. This time around we are being treated to a Souring Lab that looks like it won’t disappoint. Everyone who is anyone in sourcing from Europe and beyond will be there.

Get your tickets for TruLondon on 22nd and 23rd October while you still can.

Sourcing Contest

A little bird tells me that Recruit Buddy will be running a little sourcing contest in a couple of weeks time. Follow @recruitbuddyuk on Twitter for more details.

UK Sourcers News – 24th September

Talk like a pirate day logo

UK Sourcers News

Last Week we ran a competition for Talk Like A Pirate Day in our LinkedIn group. The runaway winner was Ralph Meyer of Gartner who submitted an incredible list of over 6,000 pirates with LinkedIn profiles! Ralph will soon be receiving a shipment of buried treasure.


Onrec logoThe Onrec Conference and Exhibition takes place on Thursday 4th October in London. The speaker of most interest to Sourcers will likely be Laura Stoker of AIRS, talking about Revolutionary Resourcing. You can still get yourself a ticket to the conference or attend the exhibition for free.

Also coming up in October is #TruLondon 6. If unconferencing is more your style then this is the event for you. Get your ticket for two days of fully disorganised learning at The Recruiting Unconference.

Social Media

Twitter has launched new profile header pictures – to set yours simply go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Change Header” to upload an image. This will automatically update you to the new profile layout.

Twitter profile header pictures
I really enjoyed this post by Bill Boorman on the Colleague blog – Recruiters: What do you contribute?

LinkedIn made some changes last week too – your 3rd degree connections are no longer visible to you when you are signed in to LinkedIn on a Basic account. Read the full scoop on Mr LinkedIn’s blog.

What a 3rd degree LinkedIn contact now looks likeI did not spot any new opportunities for sourcers this week. If you did, feel free to let me know.

UK Sourcers News – 17th September

4 out of 5 UK Professionals are now on LInkedIn

A couple of Social Media links

LinkedIn announces 10 million UK users – There’s a pretty infographic too, if you like that sort of thing.

Will become the go-to place for hiring developers? – Thanks to James Peters for finding this insightful blog post. You can find us both on Geeklist. I am, as usual, TheSourceress.

Is YouTube the secret ingredient for successful recruiting? – Another infographic for you to easilly digest with your morning cuppa.

Social Media Week 2012A note about Social Media Week

Social Media Week is an event that takes place in cities all over the world from 24th – 28th September. This year the UK will be hosting a number of recruitment related events during Social Media Week. Check out these:

Why Use Social Media for Recruitment – Tuesday 25th September in Glasgow
Social Recruitment – Tuesday 25th September in London
Developing a Social Recruitment Strategy – Wednesday 26th September in Glasgow

There are a total of 136 events in London and 90 events in Glasgow, so whatever your Social Media queries, I’m sure you can find an event to suit your needs.

I’m afraid that I haven’t spotted any opportunities this week 🙁

If you have a job or an event that you’d like to share with the UK Sourcers community, just get in touch.