Discover Sourcing 2013 – Content Round-up


Karen Blakeman
Slides: How to get more relevant results from Google
Slides: Alternatives to Google

Katharine Robinson
Handout: Unlocking LinkedIn
Handout: Sourcing from Industry Events

Congratulations to Olivia Coleman of Amazon UK who topped our sourcing challenges leader board in the Day 1 workshop and won a Kindle courtacy of the Executive Research Association (ERA).

Olivia Coleman & Katharine Robinson at #DiscSource


Laura Stoker
Slides: Search Engine Sourcing (You will need to create an AIRS login)
Video Interview: Laura Stoker talks Search Engine Sourcing

Andrew Grill
Slides & Video of Presentation: Talent in the age of social business
Video Interview: Andrew Grill on Talent in the age of social sourcing

Alastair Cartwright
Video Interview: Alastair Cartwright on creating great job ads
A blog post on this topic from Alastair: How to Write Job Advertising Copy

Tom Savage
As this was a live demo, you are best to visit and have a go!

Brent Shopp
Slides: Sourcing in the 21st Century
A blog on this topic from Brent: Sourcing in the 21st Century

Shane McCusker
Video Interview: Sourcing for business development
A recorded webinar from Shane on this topic: Business Development for Recruiters
Blog Post by James Mayes inspired by Shane’s session: Monitoring companies for staff who leave

Oscar Mager
Slides: Visual Sourcing
Video Interview: Oscar Mager talks visual sourcing
A blog post on this topic by Oscar: Discover Visual Sourcing

Nicola Prescott
Slides: Building a Part Time Community

David Brammer
Content requested – please check back

Ralph Meyer
Slides: Role of a Sourcer in Recruitment
Article in Recruiter Magazine: Alexander Mann Solutions tops list of UK’s largest sourcing functions

Andy Mountney
Slides: Delivering personalised corporate sourcing

Martin Lee
Video of whole presentation: The cool sourcing tools talk from Martin Lee
Video Interview: Cool tools with Martin Lee
Slides: Cool Tools for Recruiting

Other #DiscSource Content

Photos: Were you captured on camera at Discover Sourcing? Do join the Flickr group if you have photos to share.

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Blogs: Thanks to Claire Faulconbridge for this great write up of the #DiscSource Conference day on her blog.

Videos: Find all the videos from Discover Sourcing on this #DiscSource YouTube playlist.

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