Andrew Grill – Speaker Profile

Andrew GrillAndrew Grill
CEO of Kred
See Andrew on the Discover Sourcing conference day talking about accessing the influence of those within your organisation and making the most of their networks.

Andrew Grill is the CEO of Kred, the largest social influence platform in the world.

Andrew is also a regular, and sought after conference presenter on social business, social media, and digital technologies and is the editor of one of the world’s leading websites on digital and social,

He is passionate about explaining to large corporates how digital disruption will impact current thinking and strategy, with a focus on moving from social media to social business.

He firmly believes that in order to “get digital you need to be digital”.

Prior to Kred, Andrew was Head of International Client Strategy and Business Development for Visible Technologies, and launched location based services company pioneer Seeker Wireless into the UK market in 2006 after relocating from Sydney.

Andrew has been leading digital companies since 2001, when he was CEO of Australia’s largest commercial property website, PropertyLook. He has also held senior marketing and business development roles with telcos Telstra and Optus.

He holds an MBA in eBusiness Management and a Master of Engineering, and can be found on Twitter @andrewgrill

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