Brent Shopp – Speaker Profile

Brent ShoppBrent Shopp
VP of Global Service Delivery
See Brent speak about Sourcing in the 21st Century at Discover Sourcing on 18th September

Brent oversees Delivery of all of the Avancos service lines globally. As one of the architects of Avancos’ Advanced Insight Talent Intelligence product, Brent is constantly striving to create new methods and technologies that will allow Avancos’ Clients’ to make better strategic Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning decisions. In today’s data driven world, the volume, speed, and accuracy of data (both structured and unstructured) provides the world with an unprecedented opportunity to make more informed strategic decisions.

Shopp has more than seventeen years of experience in strategic Talent Acquisition and Human Capital Consulting. With this proven experience and expertise, Shopp has been able to leverage and create innovative sourcing and competitive intelligence methodologies that are seamless within the talent acquisition life cycle.

Having earned his Bachelors degree from Ball State University, he is an avid supporter of innovative technologies and growth, plus a huge fan and supporter of college sports. As a football (soccer) fan, he enjoys following Tottenham Hotspurs when time allows, and in his spare time, he likes playing guitar, reading about big data, and spending time with his family. Brent can be reached at

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