Peter Crosby – Speaker Profile

Peter CrosbyPeter Crosby
Chief Sales Officer at Viadeo
See Peter on the European Sourcing Challenges Panel on the Discover Sourcing conference day

Peter Crosby joined Viadeo in 2008 as Director of UK and Irish operations. During his first year as Director, Peter doubled the member base in the UK and Ireland. He went on to become Chief Operating Officer for Viadeo’s European division.

Peter is now Viadeo’s Chief Sales Officer and responsible for the growth and development of B2B revenue lines.

Peter came to Viadeo from j4b, a research and publishing company in the area of business funding. He created and expanded j4b’s advertising and software businesses. In 2006, Peter and his family relocated to Boston where he built j4b’s US subsidiary. Before j4b, Peter worked in the publishing sector.

He has a BA (Hons) in Linguistics and English Literature from Bangor University, Wales.

Peter’s Viadeo Profile: