Sheana Dudley – Speaker Profile

Sheana DudleySheana Dudley
Managing Director
Research Direct International
See Sheana on the “European Sourcing Challenges” panel on Wednesday 18th

Sheana is a specialist in finding high-level candidates for positions throughout Europe, often conducting global searches.

Sheana founded RDI in 1996 and has been working as a generalist researcher specialising in international search assignments ever since. Sheana has detailed knowledge and experience at corporate level of how business is conducted in Germany, France and many countries in Europe. Sheana worked for multinational companies in Germany e.g. Diageo, for several years.

Through this experience, Sheana is bi-lingual in German, and that together with fluent French, are invaluable assets when handling cross-border searches and manoeuvring her way past inquisitive and sometimes obstructive switchboard operators!

Achieving the Executive Research Association’s Researcher of the Year Award for 2013 was recognition of the often tricky assignments which Sheana has tackled successfully finding the right candidates even when the proposal seemed like the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’ at the outset.

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