UK Sourcers News – 8th October 2012


The Skills & Expertise section of your LinkedIn profile has undergone a significant change. You can now give easy one click endorsements to your connections. This has not come without controversy. Many people are comparing this feature with +K from Klout. As endorsements from happy clients are given no more weight than completely bogus endorsements from people you might never have met, this is open to gaming and the potential devaluation of connections. In short – it sucks, but you should do it anyway.

TruLondon 6

TruLondon has become one of the most looked forward to events on the calendar in recent years. This time around we are being treated to a Souring Lab that looks like it won’t disappoint. Everyone who is anyone in sourcing from Europe and beyond will be there.

Get your tickets for TruLondon on 22nd and 23rd October while you still can.

Sourcing Contest

A little bird tells me that Recruit Buddy will be running a little sourcing contest in a couple of weeks time. Follow @recruitbuddyuk on Twitter for more details.