Making The Case To Attend Discover Sourcing 2013

To help you put together the case for attending Discover Sourcing next month, we have answered a few Frequently Asked Questions and summarised all the vital information in this post. You can print this page and show it to your boss, or just send them a link.

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Discover Sourcing 2013

When: 17th & 18th September 2013
Where: Prospero House, 241 Borough High Street, London

Who Should Attend?

Attend both days of Discover Sourcing if you work in a sourcing role, are a recruiter and do your own sourcing, or if you want to learn more about how to source.

Managers who oversee sourcing professionals, consultants, thought leaders and recruitment business owners should attend the Discover Sourcing conference day only.

Who is attending?

So far we have a real mix of in-house recruiters and sourcers, executive search consultants and recruitment business owners.

What will I learn?

The Internet Sourcing Workshop on Tuesday 17th September will be run by Katharine Robinson and Karen Blakeman. The workshop is split into four sessions; How to get more relevant results from Google, Alternatives to Google, Unlocking LinkedIn and Sourcing from industry events. Take a look at our post on the Day 1 Workshop for full details.

The conference on Wednesday 18th September will consist of “How to” sessions (from the likes of Martin Lee, Oscar Mager, Shane McCusker, and Laura Stoker), case studies from LV= and Avancos, sessions on the history and future of sourcing, trends in job advertising and, of course, social media. Why not check out the full agenda so far?

What is the background of the event?

UK Sourcers have been running a few tiny free events wherever they can scrounge space and free wifi for over a year. It has been our dream to do something bigger, with unrestricted numbers, for quite a while.

This is the inaugural Discover Sourcing event. Organised by Katharine Robinson and the UK Sourcers community to bring sourcers from around the world together in a location convenient for us Brits.

Magical things seem to happen when people passionate about sourcing get together. The primary mission of this event is to get lots of like minded people together and give them plenty of inspiration and space to allow that magic to happen.

What are the benefits of attending Discover Sourcing?

Here are just some of the things that you could gain by attending the sessions on offer at Discover Sourcing;

  • Detailed instruction in Internet sourcing techniques from leaders in the profession
  • The opportunity to try out new cutting edge sourcing tools
  • Exposure to a wide range of candidate generation strategies and techniques
  • The opportunity to discuss your challenges when sourcing across Europe
  • A chance to understand how to better maximise the effectiveness of your job advertising activities
  • An understanding of the impact social media is having on the way we do business, find jobs and make good use of our networks
  • The chance to explore some of the biggest challenges faced by sourcing professionals, and how these might be solved, as we look into the future
  • How recruitment businesses can employ their sourcing skills to uncover business development opportunities
  • Hear from well known brands like Ernst & Young and LV= about their approaches to sourcing talent
  • Gain an understanding of how sourcing as an activity and sourcers as professionals currently fit into recruitment teams in the UK
  • Realise the impact that your sourcing activity has on your brand
  • Bring your new knowledge back to your colleagues in order to benefit your whole organisation.

There will be multiple sessions running at any one time at Discover Sourcing on 18th September, it is up to you to choose the sessions most appropriate for you and your business needs.

What is the cost of attending?

Tickets: £345+VAT (for the conference day on 18th Sept) or £495+VAT (for a full 2 day pass to the workshop on the 17th Sept and the conference day). Do get in touch about discount rates for multiple tickets.
Accommodation: Hotels from about £95 (this might be applicable if you attend both days of Discover Sourcing)
Other Costs to Consider: Travel, food (we will be providing lunch and refreshments on Day 1 and breakfast, lunch and refreshments on Day 2).

Register for Discover Sourcing here, or contact Katharine Robinson via email or phone on +44 (0)7779 716 147.

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What is sourcing? #DiscSource

I put this question to some of the speakers of Discover Sourcing a few weeks ago.

In this video Oscar Mager, Shane McCusker and Ralph Meyer give me their thoughts on the subject;

I think of sourcing as the first phase of the recruitment process. It could refer to any activity that gets a candidate into process. A sourcer might be a brilliant researcher that knows how to interrogate information sources like databases, search engines and social networks. They might have an affinity for advertising and marketing, writing fantastic job ad copy and focusing on employer brand. A sourcer could also be a powerful networker – both online and in-person – focusing on relationships and connections within their industry. Some might even be a blend of all those things.

Everyone seems to have a different take on what souring is and what makes a great sourcer, here’s a few thoughts from other Discover Sourcing experts:

“Sourcing is… opening one door to find a hundred more behind it. It’s also about constantly updating our door opening skills and being interested and curious in what is behind every one of them. It’s not just about clever Boolean strings, hacks and technology it’s about people and the art of matching the right jobs to the right people at the right time.”
Martin Lee,

“To me sourcing is about bringing new candidates into process whether in-house or in an agency. Sourcing as opposed to research goes beyond identification, this is about finding someone new who is unknown to you before, engaging with them directly (ideally speaking with that person) and building enough rapport to have that potential new candidate trust you to consider them for roles in the future with clients or your organisation and be happy to maintain a relationship.”
Andy Mountney, Aspen In-house

“Sourcing is like mining for precious stones. Sometimes you can pick them up off the ground and other times you need to move 500 tonnes of earth to find a single one. Sourcing is very similar to this in the sense that intelligent searching and using the right tools determine how easy or difficult a search is going to be. Once you fully understand what you are looking for it becomes a lot easier to know where to look.”
Ralph Meyer, Ernst & Young

What does sourcing mean to you and what skills make you a great sourcer? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

I look forward to continuing this discussion at Discover Sourcing in September.

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Discover Sourcing Day 1 Workshop – Find Out More #DiscSource [updated 09/09]

Day 1 of the Discover Sourcing event on Tuesday 17th September will comprise of an afternoon Internet Sourcing workshop for a limited number of attendees.

This workshop is aimed at active recruiters, sourcers and researchers.

You should attend if you would like to expand your knowledge of Internet search techniques, improve the quality of your search results and get a little competitive with your peers.

Katharine and KarenThe session is being run by Karen Blakeman and Katharine Robinson. Between them they have a wealth of knowledge on Internet search tools and people sourcing techniques that it would be difficult to match.

You will receive detailed handouts for each of the sessions and there will be some great prizes for those that perform best in the challenge elements of the day.

The Sessions will include:

  • How to get more relevant results from Google
  • Alternatives to Google
  • Unlocking LinkedIn
  • Sourcing from industry events

See here for the Discover Sourcing Agenda so far.

You will need to bring a laptop with you if you decide to attend this workshop. In order to get the maximum benefit from the day and take part in the sourcing challenges you will need to be able to get online. The venue will be providing us with excellent wifi access. You will get lunch on arrival at the venue on Tuesday 17th September and refreshments mid-afternoon.

ERA LogoThe person who performs best in our workshop challenges will win a Kindle! This prize is sponsored by The ERA.

If you want to attend the Day 1 workshop you will need to buy a ticket to both days of Discover Sourcing. Do get in touch about discounted rates when you buy multiple tickets.

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Announcing The Discover Sourcing Event – September 2013 #DiscSource

In February we asked if there was demand for a large, dedicated sourcing event to be held in the UK. Thank you to everyone who has input their ideas, suggestions and support since then.

I have been working away behind the scenes for the last few months. Today I am ready to share with the world what we have managed to come up with so far 🙂

discover sourcing 2013 conference logo

We have a wonderful venue, near London Bridge for two days of Sourcing geekery. There is lots of space to relax and chat outside of the organised sessions. We hope that the event will be as much about networking and sharing as it is about listening and learning.

Discover Sourcing 2013 - Prospero House, London

We are starting to gather a fantastic group of speakers and hope they will have a lot to share with you here on the blog in the run up to the event.

All the details will become available here on the UK Sourcers site over the course of the next two weeks. Right now, you can find a summary of all the details so far on the Discover Sourcing Eventbrite Page.

If you’re quick off the mark then you can bag yourself one of a limited number of “Fast Falcon” tickets at a very special price, only available until the end of April.

If you would be interested in getting involved as a speaker or sponsor, please do get in touch.

Watch this space for more information as it gets confirmed!

Is there interest in a large, dedicated Sourcing event in the United Kingdom?

Because It's AwesomeWhy?

Sharing and learning from each other is at the heart of the UK Sourcers community. This seems to work best when we get together in person.

At the moment there is not a totally awesome and geeky sourcing event coming up in the UK (or even Europe). Recruiters and Sourcers have been known to express their frustration about this to me.

I love a good event and get quite a kick out of organising them – I wouldn’t get involved with Twestivals and Tweetcamps and all that stuff if I didn’t! So here it goes – an attempt to get an EPIC sourcing event off the ground in old London town!

Before I get too carried away, I would like to know that I’m planning the event that you want – Do you want sourcing challenges, big name speakers, boolean cupcakes, social media workshops, keynote presentations or t-shirts? Here is your chance to shape things…

I’ll either do this right, or I won’t do it.

Who should get involved in the event?

Get involved if you are interested in meeting fellow sourcing and recruitment professionals, increasing your awareness of sourcing tools and techniques, and improving your sourcing skills with some of the UK’s (and maybe the world’s) geekiest sourcing professionals.

If you have a sourcing story to tell then you should let us know. If you have a passion for soucing with a particular tool then we want to hear about it. We would like to have new speakers that are doing great things in sourcing as well as experienced exponents. Surprise us with something different!

In-house recruitment teams, RPOs and recruitment businesses are all very welcome. If I have learnt anything from the UK Sourcers community, it is that it is alright to share! If you are interested in sourcing candidates then this event will aim to help you. We would also like to see attendees from every level of organisations – from the HRD to n00bie resourcers. We won’t be afraid to run a variety of sessions so that there is something to keep everyone engaged throughout the day.

If you have a product that you think sourcers need to know about – would you consider sponsoring an event? This is key – to make the event really extraordinary we’ll need support from some relevant industry suppliers.

How can you get involved?

There are three ways to get involved. You can

We are not sure what the right format would be for a sourcing event yet either – so give us your thoughts via the links above and help shape the event.
You might also want to join the UK Sourcers LinkedIn group – I tend to post our event information there first!

Where and when?

We are currently aiming for a dates in September at a venue in central London.

What happens next?

If we get enough interest, we’ll make an announcement about the event format, dates and venue in early April. If you’d like to influence how the event takes shape then be sure to give us your thoughts using the forms above.

April Update: We’re delighted to announce Discover Sourcing!

Announcing The Next UK Sourcers Meetup – 11th January 2013, London

It has taken me a little while, but we finally have another UK Sourcers Meetup in the calendar!

Amazon LogoIn the afternoon of Friday 11th January, Amazon will host our second meetup at their new Development Centre in London.

This will be another “hack” style event, with a very unstructured and informal format. Attend if you are interested in meeting and networking with fellow recruitment professionals, learning new Internet research skills and helping others to do the same.

You should bring a laptop with you – you might feel lost without one!

We aim to keep these events small in attendee numbers so that everyone has a chance to be heard, share and take something away from the session. For that reason, I recommend that you register ASAP via the Eventbrite page.

If you register and then find that you can’t make it – please let me know immediately so that someone else can attend in your place.

To be one of the first to hear about future events, join the UK Sourcers LinkedIn group.

If your business would like to host a UK Sourcers Meetup in 2013, please get in touch with Katharine.

The First UK Sourcers’ Meetup – London

I am delighted to announce the first UK Sourcers event!

Mind Candy HQ, LondonOn Thursday 6th September, Mind Candy will host us for a UK Sourcers’ Meetup at their unique offices in London.

It will be a “hack day” style event – just for an afternoon though. Attend if you are interested in meeting fellow professionals, learning new Internet research skills and helping others to do the same.

You should bring a laptop with you – you will need it!

What we cover is up to you. We can help each other brush up on our Boolean skills or make the most of searching social networks – the sky’s the limit.

Places are limited so register to attend ASAP!

If your company would like to host a Sourcing Meetup in your part of the UK then please let me know.

I hope to see you in September 🙂

Wake Up Europe – Sourcing Is A Job In Its Own Right

Today we have a guest post from Martin Lee of Talent Works. Find out more about Martin at the bottom of this post.

I recently saw an advert for a Trainee Resourcer. The role was to identify the “best talent around” using direct sourcing methods, social media, job boards and any other methods available.

The job description finished up with an apparent incentive, saying that if you were successful there was a chance you could be promoted to Trainee Recruitment Consultant. I was shocked! Are we assuming in the UK (and Europe) that the job of Sourcer is at a lower level than that of a Recruiter? A stepping stone only? Why didn’t I see promotion to Sourcer, then Senior Sourcer?

As a general rule (yes there are exceptions) is that the European recruitment market is behind our Northern American friends in thinking. As they would say, we should “wake up and smell the coffee”.

Companies need to invest in the people that find candidates. It is an art form of its own, if done properly. It is backward thinking to expect one person to be great at the entire recruitment process. Wayne Rooney is (sometimes) a great footballer, but he would never be put in goal!

To be a credible Sourcer (or Resourcer as some of us call it) you need to have an exceptional knowledge of social media, all the additional tools and technology available, Boolean strings, search engine capability etc. whilst having an inquisitive nature, technical prowess and to only ever be satisfied with the best match possible.

Time and education are the required investment.

Talent Sourcing Conference Artwork

Oh no – here comes the sell! Well, not really. I aim to bring a number of low cost sourcing events to Europe where people at all levels come to hear experts, ask questions and generally make their way of working more efficient and productive.

The UK’s first ever conference looking purely at Sourcing is coming to London on August 23rd.

Tickets are deliberately low in price to encourage everyone at all levels to come. (Prices do go up in the first week of August though).

Hope you can make it and join the mini revolution.

LinkedIn Is Not The Only Fruit

Last week I attended the Social Recruiting Conference (#SRConf) in London. Pete Crosby from Viadeo was one of the speakers.

Viadeo is a professional networking site with around 45 million members, 10 million of which are in Europe. While this isn’t as many as LinkedIn – Viadeo has significant penetration in France.

Viadeo at srconf

If you are looking to identify talent on the continent, it could well be time to check out viadeo.

At #SRConf we heard from EADS, a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services, employing around 133,000 people at more than 170 sites worldwide. They have had significant success using Viadeo. They launched a group there which grew to over 700 members in less than one week.

Viadeo have recently launched their company pages too.

While this video focuses on small business, at the conference, Pete Crosby identified American Express as one of the first businesses to make the most of the new feature. You should also take a look at Viadeo’s own page.

If you are wondering if the kind of people you wish to hire in the UK are using Viadeo, why not try an x-ray search from Google by adding a job title or a company keyword to this search string:


Google estimates that this string returns 300,000 viadeo profiles on the gb subdomain, which might not sound like a lot, but it might include someone that you wouldn’t otherwise have found.

Do connect with me on viadeo if you are already a member or if you decide to join.

You might also want to look at Xing. Xing has over 12 million members and great coverage in Germany. Here’s my profile.

20 Things For Recruiters And Sourcers To Tweet About

Twitter Bird SketchA lot of people tell me that they’re not sure what to say on Twitter, or that they don’t think they have ANYTHING worthwhile to tweet.

With Twitter announcing it has 10 million active UK users, you’re probably thinking that you’d like to get into using it, if you’re not already. If you can’t quite find your voice, these suggestions might help you get started.

The most important things to think about are your followers and your objectives

Who do you want to follow you?

Make your tweets interesting or useful to them. Think about your candidates, industry colleagues and peers, clients or other stakeholders.

Why have you signed up to a social site like Twitter?

Do you want to get more clients, find more candidates, make friends, meet new people in your area, learn about something, or all of the above?

Answers to these two questions will help you generate ideas of what to talk about. Here are some of my thoughts, not all of them will suit you, your followers or your objectives.

If you tweet as a brand:

Links to job vacancies
This is probably what a job seeker really wants. It’s not very engaging to someone passive though. A lot of brands find it helpful to have two twitter accounts. One sending out only jobs and the other for conversation and other interesting tweets. It’s important to be transparent to your followers – if one twitter account tweets nothing but jobs, make that clear and tell people where they can interact with you elsewhere. e.g. @TescoCareers and @Get2KnowTesco

Make the most of Twitter Memes like #FollowFriday and #CharityTuesday
#FollowFriday has probably been around for as long as the hashtag itself! Mentioning a person and adding this hashtag lets your followers know that they might want to follow that person. It is often shortened to #ff. e.g

Does your business support a charity? The #CharityTuesday tag has a big community of fundraisers and charity types – they will probably retweet you and generally share the love if you talk about your charity work or give a shout-out to the Twitter account of a charity you support (on a Tuesday, of course). e.g.

Links to blog posts or other useful social content from your company
Does your company have a blog (or several)? You might have a YouTube channel already. This is great content with real human voices from inside your business. You can share this with your twitter followers by tweeting links to this content.

Answer questions
If your followers aren’t sending you questions yet, search for people asking some that you might be able to help with. Alternatively, you could tweet the answers to questions that you often get asked by candidates during the recruitment process.

Interesting industry news
What are the best sources of news in your industry? Who are the biggest bloggers? Subscribe to their RSS feeds (I recommend using Google Reader for this) and pick out the best news to tweet for your followers.

Every industry has conferences, expos and networking events. Are you sponsoring one? Is someone from your company going to be speaking at an event? Are your employees going to be attending? Find out if the event has a Twitter account and/or a #hashtag then interact with the event and other attendees on Twitter. Ask those going to the event to send you a photo or send some tweets from the company account. If they’re tweeting from the event, do they mind being retweeted by you?

Local Info
Are you based in one particular location? Are your offices based in one country or are you global? If you are based in one place, tweeting about local news can make you seem more real and engage the local community. If you are a global brand, showcasing this with views from your different offices or details about local holidays can really highlight your diversity.

Awards and Achievements
What is your company great at? Have you got any awards? Have you just won a great contract? Let your Twitter followers share in your celebration. e.g.

Competitions or freebies
This can work well if you want to grow a following more quickly. Offer people something in exchange for following you or in exchange for tweeting about something. Make sure you target the right people though – a tweet in exchange for an industry white paper can work well. Take a look at Pay with a Tweet.

If you tweet as a human being

Talk to your peers and industry thought leaders
Twitter is a great way to network. If you’re engaging with well-networked individuals in your industry then they’re more likely to help you out or recommend you when someone is looking for a new job.

What you are working on today
Are you looking for Supply Chain experts or are you arranging interviews for Product Managers? It will help people get a feel for what you do and the kind of people you recruit for. The occasional tweet like this is a very subtle way of reminding people what you do.

Your passions
People respond to passion. I get far more @replies when I talk about things like Star Trek, Cheese or Percy Pig sweets because people know I’m passionate about those things. It’s also easier to speak to someone for the first time if it’s not about something work related. Once you’ve exchanged tweets about a charity or good cause, it’s more likely you’ll talk again about something work related next time.

Your thoughts and opinions on hot topics or industry issues
When sharing links to news and blogs you can add your own thoughts, this helps set you up as an expert too. Add value with your own insights rather than just tweeting a link and a headline.

Answer questions
People remember those that help them out, even if you only point them to someone else that will be able to help them. Be helpful whenever you can on Twitter.

Ask questions
People love to feel helpful. Ask people to recommend a tool or for their opinion on a topic of interest. Try not to ask something that’s easy to find out on Google though – that’s just lazy.

Join in with an event’s backchannel on Twitter by tweeting other attendees and sharing your thoughts with the event’s #hashtag. This will help grow your Twitter network with relevant industry people and meet more people face to face. A “nice to meet you” tweet can encourage a mutually beneficial Twitter follow.

Are you off out to celebrate a big placement? Is there cake in the office because it’s someone’s birthday? Tell the world – and don’t forget to take a picture of that cake!

Sharing life’s minute detail might seem trivial, but it’s what adds up to make a person real. You’d be surprised how much response I get when I tweet something mundane about my socks!

Twitter Chats
Twitter Chats usually centre around a hashtag and take place at the same time every week. A tool like Twubs can help you keep up with the tweets and send your own thoughts. You might be interested in #JobHuntChat, #CareerChat, #HFChat (Hire Friday) or #CHRChat (Connecting HR).

Different things appeal to different people and unless you start tweeting you won’t find out what your followers respond to. You also need to embrace the fact that it might take some time for people to notice you. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it leaves you free to make mistakes, experiment and generally push the limits on what to share without annoying anyone. You might just stumble on something great!

What works for you on Twitter?