Facebook to Launch a Job Board?

FACEBOOK(LET) FrontsideYesterday Will Staney, Direcror of Recruiting at Success Factors in the US, revealed that Facebook will be launching a job board offering – and soon.

His mysterious sources, referred to only as “People”, say that three companies, Jobvite, BranchOut and Work4Labs, all with existing Facebook career products, would be involved with this new offering.

Back in October 2011, Facebook announced a “Social Jobs Partnership” with the US Department for Labour. They say of the partnership:

In the interest of getting people back to work, the partnership plans to pursue a number of initiatives designed to more effectively leverage the utility of social networks in the job market:

  1. The partnership will conduct in-depth survey research about the ways in which job seekers, college career centers, and workforce recruiters are using the social web.
  2. The partnership will develop and launch a central page on Facebook that will host specialized resources, and content designed to help job seekers and employers.
  3. The partnership will explore and develop systems where new job postings can be delivered virally through the Facebook site at no charge.
  4. The partnership will promote existing employment programs and resources offered by government agencies for job hunters.
  5. The partnership plans to distribute educational materials about leveraging the power of the social web to recruiters, government agencies and job seekers.

This makes me wonder if this rumoured Job board offering will be a global product or just limited to roles with US government agencies.

The job posting market is definitely changing but I think I agree with this Techcrunch article, it doesn’t sound like a serious effort – yet!

Do you think Facebook is really going to launch a social job board to deliver jobs virally through the site at no charge?