Why Are Twitter Lists So Great For Recruitment?

Twitter Lane by Duncan Hall

Twitter has a great feature to help recruiters and sourcers find relevant and respected twitter accounts – Twitter Lists. This feature isn’t very well promoted though so might not be immediately discovered by new users.

If you are an active Twitter user then you will not have failed to notice a few notifications appearing in your “@Connect” section saying that someone has added you to a list or two. You might even have created a few lists of your own.

What are Twitter lists?

A Twitter user can create a list and add Twitter accounts that interest them to it. You don’t have to follow a person to add them to one of your lists. Once you create and name a list you can start adding people to it right away using the little drop down menu on their profile.

Adding someone to a Twitter Lists

A twitter list can be public (other people can see who is on it and choose to follow it) or private (only you know who is on your private lists and only you can make use of them).

Finding Someone's Twitter listsYou can find someone’s Twitter lists by visiting their profile on twitter.com and looking at the options on the left hand side of the page. You can view @UKSourcers’ Twitter lists here: http://twitter.com/uksourcers/lists

What is so great about Twitter Lists?

  1. People more knowledgeable than you do all the hard work: people create lists of people that share their interests. I have a list of Star Trek fans, I know that they are all massive Trekkers but very few of them probably mention this in their Twitter bios. I also have a list of Sourcers that are based in the UK. People often create lists of other people in their industry or people they met at a particular event. This is really useful curation.
  2. Follow targeted people fast: You can follow someone else’s list with one click or choose a few people off their list to follow in your main timeline. This makes following a very targeted group very quick to do.
  3. Follow accounts without them knowing: It would be nice to be able to keep tabs on your competitors on Twitter without getting their attention, wouldn’t it? Keep an eye on them without adding to their follower account? You can by listing them on a private list.
  4. Never Miss Important Tweets: Now that I follow more than 2,000 people I’ve had to get creative to prevent missing tweets from the people that I care about the most. This has led me to create private lists like “Clients” so that I always know what they’re up to and can help them out if needed and another list called “VIPs” for my closest friends and family so that I don’t miss their news.

What do you use lists for?

Have I missed anything – How do you make use of Twitter lists?


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Over 1500 UK Recruitment Related Twitter Accounts Listed


Back when I first started using Twitter as @UKSourcers, I set out to find as many recruitment related Twitter accounts in the UK as I could. This was to include those that identified as part of recruitment, head hunting, executive search, sourcing, resourcing, job boards and HR. No small task, and I’m sure there’s a lot I have missed. 

It was not long before I realised that Twitter puts a limit on the number of people you can add to a single list. A Twitter list is capped at 500 accounts. 

Last week I had to start a 4th incarnation of the “UK Recruiter Types” list because I found my 1500th UK Recruitment related Twitter account.

If you would be interested in seeing all the accounts I have found – see my lists on Twitter:

I have found it a great way to see how different companies and individuals are using the tool, as well as gaining their attention. Feel free to follow my lists on Twitter.

If I have missed listing you – please let me know 🙂


Image thanks to Twitter Mosaic.