UK Sourcers News – 11th February 2013

Sourcing & Recruitment Events

A large, dedicated Sourcing event in London?
Last week we asked if there was demand for an event like this. At the moment there is not a geeky sourcing event coming up in the UK for us to look forward to. Let us know if you think it’s a good idea, if you’d like to speak (or lead a discussion) at the event or if your business would be interested in sponsoring such an event.

Recruitment Agency Expo
The Recruitment Agency Expo is taking place at Olympia in London on 26th & 27th February.

#TruLondon 7
#TruLondon returns the City Hotel on 6th & 7th March. Come along to be a part of the conversation.

Social Media

Where LinkedIn Members Live - Feb 2013LinkedIn
LinkedIn totally shattered their financial predictions. Recruitment accounted for 54% of its income last year. It was reported on the SourceCon blog that LinkedIn intends to raise its process for recruitment customers in the US and “some other areas” in the second quarter of 2013. Having announced 200 million members not long ago and engagement levels on the site rising exponentially, LinkedIn look like a formidable force.

Vine is the hot new thing from Twitter. If you have an iPhone then you can share a tiny six second video clip with Vine. Some brands have already been getting in on the action and creating some Vine videos. I saw quite a lot of updates on Vine from SourceCon in Atlanta last week too. Do you think you could make a Vine job ad or recruitment video?

Twitter Search
Now when you search for a keyword of interest on Twitter you will see results from further back than just seven days! Last week twitter extended their search results to include the most popular updates for your keywords tweeted at any time in the past – try searching for something obscure and see the results! Great for us Sourcers that are looking for rare skills.

Job boards

6 fast rising job boards in EMEA
At the end of January, eQuest published a list of job boards showing extraordinary growth in the number of jobs posted on them between 2011 and 2012.

On a lighter note

A street address worthy of a Sourcer – Wouldn’t you just love to live here!

Boole Heights

UK Sourcers News – 7th January 2013

UK Sourcers News

We have our second UK Sourcers Meetup this week. On Friday, Amazon will be hosting us at their new Development Center in London. We are delighted by the interest in these events and regret that everyone that requested a ticket did not get one – but by keeping the events small, we make sure everyone gets something out of it and has a chance to share.

Our second New Year Sourcing Assignment will be posted in the UK Sourcers LinkedIn Group on Thursday. This week we will be looking at improving the job ads we write with some great tips from Alastair Cartwright of Ingenium.

Toby Culshaw from Thales won our Christmas Sourcing Challenge! Well done Toby – we hope you enjoy your Cadbury’s Chocolate hamper from Sourcing Hat Ltd.

We posted a list of our top content from 2012 – have you missed any of it?


Want to know who has viewed your LinkedIn profile? Here’s an interesting little “hack” from Life Hacker.

Have you clicked on a University name on a LinkedIn profile recently? An interesting feature that you might have missed.

Last week we asked if you are making the best use of links on your LinkedIn profile.

Social Media

We have a fresh Social Network Map of The World for 2013 – Facebook now dominates in 127 out of 137 countries.

World Map of Social Networks - January 2013


10 Ways to Speed up and Beef up your Google Searches – Another useful list from Lifehacker.

Detailed clarification on some of the finer points of Google and Bing search syntax from Boolean Strings

Is there anything I have missed? Do let me know if there’s something you’d like me to share in a future News post.

UK Sourcers News – 8th October 2012


The Skills & Expertise section of your LinkedIn profile has undergone a significant change. You can now give easy one click endorsements to your connections. This has not come without controversy. Many people are comparing this feature with +K from Klout. As endorsements from happy clients are given no more weight than completely bogus endorsements from people you might never have met, this is open to gaming and the potential devaluation of connections. In short – it sucks, but you should do it anyway.

TruLondon 6

TruLondon has become one of the most looked forward to events on the calendar in recent years. This time around we are being treated to a Souring Lab that looks like it won’t disappoint. Everyone who is anyone in sourcing from Europe and beyond will be there.

Get your tickets for TruLondon on 22nd and 23rd October while you still can.

Sourcing Contest

A little bird tells me that Recruit Buddy will be running a little sourcing contest in a couple of weeks time. Follow @recruitbuddyuk on Twitter for more details.

UK Sourcers News – 24th September

Talk like a pirate day logo

UK Sourcers News

Last Week we ran a competition for Talk Like A Pirate Day in our LinkedIn group. The runaway winner was Ralph Meyer of Gartner who submitted an incredible list of over 6,000 pirates with LinkedIn profiles! Ralph will soon be receiving a shipment of buried treasure.


Onrec logoThe Onrec Conference and Exhibition takes place on Thursday 4th October in London. The speaker of most interest to Sourcers will likely be Laura Stoker of AIRS, talking about Revolutionary Resourcing. You can still get yourself a ticket to the conference or attend the exhibition for free.

Also coming up in October is #TruLondon 6. If unconferencing is more your style then this is the event for you. Get your ticket for two days of fully disorganised learning at The Recruiting Unconference.

Social Media

Twitter has launched new profile header pictures – to set yours simply go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Change Header” to upload an image. This will automatically update you to the new profile layout.

Twitter profile header pictures
I really enjoyed this post by Bill Boorman on the Colleague blog – Recruiters: What do you contribute?

LinkedIn made some changes last week too – your 3rd degree connections are no longer visible to you when you are signed in to LinkedIn on a Basic account. Read the full scoop on Mr LinkedIn’s blog.

What a 3rd degree LinkedIn contact now looks likeI did not spot any new opportunities for sourcers this week. If you did, feel free to let me know.

UK Sourcers News – 17th September

4 out of 5 UK Professionals are now on LInkedIn

A couple of Social Media links

LinkedIn announces 10 million UK users – There’s a pretty infographic too, if you like that sort of thing.

Will become the go-to place for hiring developers? – Thanks to James Peters for finding this insightful blog post. You can find us both on Geeklist. I am, as usual, TheSourceress.

Is YouTube the secret ingredient for successful recruiting? – Another infographic for you to easilly digest with your morning cuppa.

Social Media Week 2012A note about Social Media Week

Social Media Week is an event that takes place in cities all over the world from 24th – 28th September. This year the UK will be hosting a number of recruitment related events during Social Media Week. Check out these:

Why Use Social Media for Recruitment – Tuesday 25th September in Glasgow
Social Recruitment – Tuesday 25th September in London
Developing a Social Recruitment Strategy – Wednesday 26th September in Glasgow

There are a total of 136 events in London and 90 events in Glasgow, so whatever your Social Media queries, I’m sure you can find an event to suit your needs.

I’m afraid that I haven’t spotted any opportunities this week 🙁

If you have a job or an event that you’d like to share with the UK Sourcers community, just get in touch.

UK Sourcers News – 10th September 2012

UK Sourcers News

Last week we held our first event. I’d like to thank everyone that came along – the attendees were the event. I really enjoyed seeing people sharing their challenges and chatting about what they’re doing in the world of sourcing. It was also great to learn a few new things! I had been a little nervous about the “no agenda” format, but everyone seemed happy to get going and dive in. Extra big thanks to Ken and Florence at Mind Candy for providing such an inspiring setting and for keeping hunger at bay with plenty of pizza!

Thanks to Chris at Plugin Recruiter for writing such a nice review of the event too.

Ideally I would like to make the events a regular thing – and not always in London. So if your company would like to host one, then just let me know. When I get the next event off the ground, It’ll be announced in our LinkedIn group first.

Social Media

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner revealed a lot of amazing facts about LinkedIn’s growth – via Business Insider

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter Before Your Competitors Do – By Jeff Bullas

Opportunities for Sourcers

Talent Sourcer at BP

International Talent Sourcer at Microsoft – Reading, Berkshire

Talent Manager at Anheuser-Busch InBev – Luton, United Kingdom

If you’ve got an event or a job that you’d like shared on the UK Sourcers blog then do let me know.

UK Sourcers News – 28th August 2012

UK Sourcers News

Our first event is “sold out”!
If you’d like to come, get on the Waitlist in case someone drops out at the last minute. If you already have your free ticket to the UK Sourcers’ Meetup on 6th September, don’t forget to let me know if you find you can no longer make it.

Last week we published our first eBook – Get your copy of our Basic Search Engine Guide for Recruiters by Katharine Robinson (aka TheSourceress).

Social Media

101 types of content to share on your Social Recruiting Networks – a great resource from Andy Headworth of Sirona Consulting.

What your social media profile says about you – thought provoking piece from the UK Recruiter blog.

You no longer need an invite to use Pinterest – there’s no excuse not to sign up and have a play with it.

UK Sourcing Opportunities/Jobs

Research & Sourcing Consultant (Marketing/Gaming) – Betfair, London

Talent Attraction Specialist UK & Ireland for AB InBev – Ochre House, London

Recruitment Online Community Manager (Social Media) – Lloyds Register, London

Sourcing Specialist – 6 month FTC at Johnson & Johnson – Reading, Berkshire

If you have a job or an event that you would like us to share with the UK Sourcers community, please get in touch.

UK Sourcers News – 6th August 2012

UK Sourcers News

The UK Sourcers blog here at has been going for a whole 100 days! Why not check out our top five posts so far?

I am delighted to announce UK Sourcers’ first event. We’re holding a free “hack day” style meetup in London on Thursday 6th September. If you’d like to come along, share and learn from other sourcers and recruiters, then you need to register on our eventbrite page.

Other Events

Have you got your ticket for the Talent Sourcing Conference on 23rd August? It looks like it’s going to be a great day jam packed full of sourcing tips and tricks!

You might also like to check out Executive Search: Cutting Out The Middle Man from Reconverse. It’s a free event for In-house recruiters to talk about how you can make more direct hires at a senior level.

Social Media Sourcing

Insta-source with Instagram! A great blog post from Katrina Collier of Winning Impression. If you do join Instagram, then find and follow me – as usual, I’m TheSourceress.

New to Twitter? Don’t worry, you already know how to use it. This is a great post covering some common sense points that many new users seem to forget.

Where do jobs fit in your Social Recruiting feeds? Are you tweeting nothing but jobs on your Twitter feed? It might be worth checking out this post from Chris Brablc.


Talent Sourcer – at BP in London
Talent Attraction Specialist – Ochre House/AB InBev in London

Twitter Search Gets An Important Overhaul

Twitter birdYesterday Twitter announced that they have made some major improvements to Twitter Search. Some of the new features may be important in helping you engage with a targeted audience.

Many of the new Twitter Search features don’t seem to be live across the board yet.

Spelling Corrections: Twitter should now make suggestions if it thinks you have spelled a word incorrectly. I have tried deliberately misspelling words, but am yet to see this feature in action.

Related Searches: Twitter will now suggest you other searches that you might be interested in. It sounds like Twitter will suggest search terms that provide more results for you. I am yet to see this feature in action for a search other than Twitter’s example of ‘Jeremy Lin’.

Real Names and Usernames in Results: According to twitter “When you search for a name like ‘Jeremy Lin,’ you’ll see results mentioning that person’s real name and their Twitter account username.” When I search for ‘Katharine Robinson’ though, it does not return results mentioning @TheSourceress too. This feature does work with Twitter’s ‘Jeremy Lin’ example – I can only suppose that the feature is a work in progress.

Probably the most useful new Twitter Search feature is working and working well

Results from people you follow: 
Up until now, when you ran a search on, you got the option of seeing ‘All’ tweets or just the ‘Top’ tweets. There is now an added option to see results from only the ‘People you follow’.

It shouldn’t be underestimated just how tricky this was for Twitter to build – with Tweets coming in at 250 million per day, separating them out by an arbitrary list of users must have been a technical nightmare!

Twitter have got this feature working perfectly though – I have used it already to see what my network is saying about the Formula 1 racing at the British Grande Prix this weekend, rather than sifting through the noise of all the tweets about the F1 today.

The ‘People you follow’ results are a great feature if you are using Twitter to engage with a particular community. For example, I almost exclusively follow UK based recruitment professionals from the @UKSourcers Twitter account. I want to engage with that community because those are the people I want to work with. I don’t always want to talk to them about recruitment though – I have other interests and so do they. I can now run a search for ‘cheese’ or ‘F1’ or ‘pie’, see which UK recruiters are talking about those things and join in.

I expect that those of you using Twitter for recruiting purposes have accounts that follow people who are all involved with your particular niches – the exact people you want to engage with. You now have a tool to help you find people in your niche community that share other things in common with you. This will help you build more meaningful relationships.

This feature also adds incentive to corporate Twitter accounts to follow back real people – they will now be missing out even more by not following back those that have shown an interest in their brand as an employer.

How will you be using these new Twitter Search features?

UK Sourcers News – 18th June

UK Sourcers News

Last week on UK Sourcers we had our first guest blogger! I’d like to Thank Katie Lowe of Cactus Search for her post on Creative Sourcing and Candidate Attraction.

If you would like to write a guest post for the blog, please get in touch. You could introduce yourself to the Sourcing community, share a tip or tell us about the tools you can’t live without.


Last week I gave a live sourcing demo at the Reconverse Direct Sourcing event. Stay tuned on this blog for a bit of a write up later in the week.

Next week we have the return of the Social Recruiting Conference in London. Check out these five reasons to attend and grab a ticket if you haven’t got one already! Join the conversation beforehand by taking part in #SRCHAT on Twitter on Wednesday evening.

Social Media

Confused by #hashtags on Twitter? Here’s the breakdown from Small Business Trends

Looking for people to follow on Google+? Here is a spreadsheet of over 1000 shared circles for you to rifle through.

Need inspiration for your Twitter bio? Vic at Crexia picks his top 10 corporate recruiter bios.

Need to find more interesting people on Twitter? Some tips for tracking them down from the folks at Fistful of Talent.

Advertising Jobs

How are your copy writing skills? Brush up those job ads with this advice from Totaljobs.

If you have an event or some news that you’d like me to cover in this weekly roundup then do let me know.