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Getting Started:
Tips for new sourcers

Custom Search Engines:
Find UK LinkedIn Profiles
Search for European LinkedIn profiles

Basic Search Engine Handbook for recruiters

Help with Twitter:
What is a Hashtag?
Replies and Mentions are not the same
20 Things to tweet about
5 Things not to do when you join Twitter
Why are Twitter lists so great for recruitment?
Supercharge your Twitter use with lists

Other Useful Resources:

Search Engines
Google Guide
Bing – The Search Engine Land guide
List of Search Engines – from Wikipedia

LinkedIn’s Learning Center
LinkedIn Cross Referencing Tool – From SourcingHacks

The Mashable guide to Twitter
Twitter’s guide for business
Twitter’s guide on How To use Lists
Find people on Twitter with FollowerWonk
Follow hashtags with
Manage Twitter with Tweetdeck or Hootsuite

Search Facebook for Candidates with Shane’s Facebook Search tool.

Make Things Happen
Ifttt (If this then that)

Event Management sites: EventbriteAmiando, Meetup
Find out what events are your network attending with Lanyrd and Facebook Events

Work out email formats at a particular company with
Have email addresses guessed and verified with Prophet (chrome extension) or Sellhack.
Got a web page with lots of email addresses? Shane’s Tools can scrape them into a list (plus lots more of useful stuff)

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